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Creator, Artist, Owner

Charly Cartier


Charly is a Mauritian queer artist who majored in film studies at Université de Montreal. They operate Ccharly Art, which explores digital art and design. They also work as a, videographer, editor, and director of production, and actor. 


Charly enjoys photography, reading, and gardening in their free time.

Ccharly Art is a small owner-operated shop that was established by a desire to share activist art and widen Charly's capacity to create. The key aims of the online shop is in challenging the gender binary through a non-binary perspective and creating gender-neutral and prideful (2SLGBTQIA+) products.

Our Values

We don't want to create waste. We pride ourselves on plastic-free packaging and fabrics (non-polyester) whenever possible. Recycling and recycled materials are also a big part of our practices.

Safe Spaces
Owner-operated by QTPOC, we aim at inclusive fashions, design, and home items.

The prices of services and items reflect a concern for equity and access to gender-affirming and queer products. We want affordable clothes and art to be on the backs and in the homes of QTBIPOC.

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